Community Life Commission Plan

srb-inspiration-plan-images[Community Life]_Page_3The Parish Inspiration Plan includes the following focus areas for the area of Community Life:

  • Develop and conduct a Parish Census to help update the parish database, to enable us to assess the needs of the parishioners, and to foster a sense of reaching out with welcome and encouragement to the wider community.
  • Hire a Youth Minister
  • Reach out to registered parishioners and neighbors not attending mass on a regular basis with newsletters and invitations to parish activities.
  • Initiate an Alumni Relations Committee
  • Establish a community-based fundraising collaboration team.
  • Have an annual Leadership Strategic Planning Day with Parish Pastoral Council, Finance Council and School Board.
  • Establish an annual Parish Leadership Development Day for all leaders of parish organizations.  Include in this agenda ways to better utilize available parish communication tools.
  • Continue collaboration with Neighboring Parishes in areas of RCIA, Adult Retreats, Youth Ministry, Contemporary Mass.